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Proper gear really enhances your image as a drink engineer. Proper tools not only look good but open up possibilities when entertaining. By proper, we mean that not only are the tools of the trade the correct ones, but that they are well-made of quality materials. Some pieces like the jigger are more convincing if they are constructed in the traditional manner, of stainless steel. Here’s a rundown of must-haves for a mixologist who wants to walk the walk.


Your cauldron. This is where the rubber meets the road. Your shaker needs to be sturdy, of a classic shape and feel good in your hand. Ninja twirling skills optional.


One or two ounces, measured quickly and cleanly. You can get updated models with non-slip surfaces on them (Oxo) but the classic hour-glass is hard to beat.


When paired with your shaker, it allows you to quickly distribute finished concoctions free of ingredients and ice to those who ordered with style. Don’t go cheap here because these instruments can bend easily.


Release essential flavors from fruits and herbs by using your muddler to crush and shred in the bottom of the glass or to the side for inclusion later.


This simple device helps create garnishes for a variety of fruits. Either strips or scraped zest appear quickly and neatly.

Bottle Opener/Corkscrew

Here you can splurge. Get the highest quality you can here because this thing gets a big workout. It deals with forces that the other items just don’t.


Tell me you don’t grab the ice with your hands… Tongs bring some civilization and people do notice.

Mixing Spoon

“Stirred, not shaken.” For being polite to your ice or ending up with a folded beverage rather than a frothy one, your spoon can have some flourishes or be plain and all business.

Carrying pouch

Your pouch is your every day carry. Leather or chamois are great but rugged canvas is also really attractive. Make your style statement here but don’t get ostentatious.


Learn how to wield your tools. Get to the point where you look at ease with any of the steps in creating your liquid masterpieces. Once you can do that, you’ve added a touch of something better go your get together.

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