The Wolves and the Mandolin

You have a good life to live.

Regardless of your beginnings, you have the right to pursue your dream of a better life—a certain way of living and a legacy that will extend for generations. So, what—or who—is getting in your way?

Certainly not Brandon Vallorani, who in his American Dream success story, The Wolves and the Mandolin, reminisces on his family’s humble beginnings to inspire anyone to pursue the finer things in the world with the greatest ambition by sharing his adventures as a successful entrepreneur and family man, his philosophy of business and management, and the path he took to create the legend behind a quality brand.

The Vallorani brand serves as an intense reminder that you can celebrate the privilege of life in style—and that to work, pursue, and maintain that life with vigor is an honor of the highest.

Now, sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained, inspired, and armed with an “I can do this!” attitude.

“What an extraordinary true story of courage, tenacity, focus, and perseverance . . . and sometimes the intervention of fate. Brandon Vallorani chronicles the courageous and perilous journey of his great-grandfather, Papa Luigi. I highly recommend every entrepreneur and business owner read his story and study the valuable leadership lessons it reveals. When life’s problems seem overwhelming, you’ll think of Papa Luigi and realize the wolf at your door isn’t all that scary.”

Lucy Hoger

CEO and Growth Strategist, Visionocity

“Brandon Vallorani is a risk taker, and risk takers built America. He seizes opportunity the way Julius Caesar seized ancient citadels. Brandon has one of the greatest marketing minds at work today. Everyone that dreams of building a great business should stop and listen carefully to the advice Brandon Vallorani gives in his book The Wolves and the Mandolin. Advice this good demands your attention.”

Floyd Brown

CEO, USA Radio Networks

“Brandon Vallorani’s The Wolves and The Mandolin is a mellifluous blend of life and business lessons wrapped up in the actions and approaches taken by his Italian ancestors from a bygone era. Prepare to be educated, inspired, and entertained simultaneously. Bravo, Brandon!”

Monica Luedecke

President, Hotze Enterprises

“Luigi’s pursuit of the American Dream still lives within his great-grandson. Much as Luigi stood his ground during battles in Benghazi and Sciara, Brandon’s perseverance and old-world determination has enabled him to maintain his entrepreneurial spirit and succeed while dodging his own bullets in the form of two recessions. This journey is as much about a family’s history as it is our nation’s.”

Steven A. Castleton

Recipient of US Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal

“Brandon Vallorani takes us on a ‘Godfather-esque’ journey through his ancestors’ lives and how the lessons they’ve learned still apply to our everyday lives today. He quickly integrates you into the picturesque, brutal, and sobering world of good versus evil and family pride. With a humble appreciation for his past, Vallorani reveals his ancestors’ sacrifices and how much their decisions impacted his very existence. Having had an uncle who stood on the deck of a warship engaging the enemy during the attack of Pearl Harbor, I’m grateful to Brandon for telling his story. Don’t miss this book chock-full of amazing stories and life lessons!”

Scot Ferrell

National and International best-selling author (It's Not Them, It's You), speaker, and media personality; behavior coach and consultant to CEOs and executives; President and Founder, The Scot Ferrell Companies

“My mother told me to never run with the herd because it is usually going the wrong way. Brandon Vallorani’s ambitious book, The Wolves and the Mandolin, is a reminder that if your goals are big enough and you are audacious enough, you will find the strength to keep persisting until you succeed. You can live the life that God intended for you to live.”

Dr. Steven F. Hotze, MD

Founder and CEO, Hotze Health & Wellness Center

“Vallorani demonstrates what success “looks like” in whatever endeavor, personal or professional. The successful person, the real and realistic person, will overcome the yapping and sometimes biting wolves by enjoying sweet respites with the mandolin. To understand this juxtaposition of wolf and mandolin, keep reading.”

Jeffrey Ventrella

J.D., Ph.D., Senior Counsel, Senior Vice-President of Training, Alliance Defending Freedom

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