Coffee bean

Waking Up to Better Coffee

Vallorani Coffee started like many other good ideas: as a hobby. A couple of guys at work were tired of delivery service office product. We even switched brands, but the strength just wasn’t making any of us get through that late-afternoon slump.

Personal experience showed freshly-roasted, freshly ground beans tasted far superior to anything found in the local big box stores and even chain coffee shops. So we began experimenting with roasters, a variety of beans from around the world, Burr grinders, and French presses.

For nearly two years, we refined our choice of beans and our roasting techniques, and in established a line of Vallorani Coffee for our local area. Known as Thrasher Coffee Company, (the Thrasher is the Georgia state bird) we have shared our small batch craft product with the world through the internet, local events and stores, and national supermarket chains.

From our eye-opening 4X caffeinated Elysium to our delicious Buon Giorno Italian roast to our Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Settler, we’ve found our greatest compliment to be “I don’t even need cream and sugar with this!” With over 10 roasts and blends available for selecting, we have a coffee to meet the discerning tastes of any coffee-lover.

You see, it’s not just the beans and the roast that make a cup go from good to great. It’s the freshness. We don’t roast ‘til you order. We don’t have warehouses full of pre-roasted, pre-packaged beans shriveling up getting stale waiting on an order. When we receive your order, we start roasting your beans, hand stamp them with the date – and ship them immediately to ensure you’ll always have a freshly roasted cup at hand. Plus you’ll get a full 16 oz. (true) pound, not the standard 12 oz. We even offer an auto-delivery service to save you time, money, and hassle!

It’s time to wake up to better coffee!