Vallorani Estates

How well you live is found in the details.

At this stage in my life and adventures, I want to share the privileges of life with others, to remind them that life is for enjoying, and each and every moment we have is a gift.

Watch the sun rise, and celebrate the new day with a great cup of strong coffee. Enjoy a relaxing interlude with a great cigar––or better yet––with a good friend and two cigars, and a great bottle of wine!

Take the time to listen to the music of the mandolin because even the most beautiful song can’t last forever. Savor the privileges of life, and share them with those around you. Savoring Mandolin Moments are what keep us strong in the face of the wolves we face every day, whether they come in the form of financial challenges, health issues, even relationship struggles.

As “Purveyors of Mandolin Moments,” we invite you to find what distinguishes your life from the rest, and gives you a respite in fighting the wolves. What will be your Mandolin Moment today?

We look forward to your visit! Enjoy coffee, wine, cigars, and the view from Paulding County’s highest point at Vallorani Estates!

Brandon Vallorani

Family Man

Read more about The Wolves and the Mandolin: Celebrating Life’s Privileges in a  Harsh World (ForbesBooks, 2017)